Nextgen II IPL Hair Removal Pro

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SILKY and SLEEK, Be Hairless in NO Time!

The Australian Discount Store offers a safe and easy way to get rid of your body hair using advanced IPL laser hair removal technology. This device is safe to use on armpits, arms, legs, face and even your bikini line. What's more, you can use the device over and over again - no need to buy additional refills. 

Did you know that 900,000 Flash Lifespan gives you more than 25 years of Silky Smooth Skin?



This device has changed the lives of more than 20,000 people!

To see positive results right from the start, use Taryn Joy IPL Hair Removal Pro consistently for the first 7 weeks. After  that you should only need to do minor touch ups every half a month or so (Results may vary for each individual and are not guaranteed).

How many times you must use?

First 1-3 weeks: 2-4 times in a week

Here, you will notice hair naturally falling out reducing growth by 80%.

 4-6 weeks: 2 times or once in a week

Making skin smooth, the newly born hair can be seen falling off as it prevents regrowth.

7 weeks: Depends upon your hair growth

If you have thick hair growth, you can use it selectively.

 After 7 weeks: Enjoy silky & smooth hair removal!

Treatment modes:-

Manual Flash

This is Single Flash Mode. Suitable for precision areas such as face, bikini line and underarm.

 Automatic Flash

This is Slide Flash Mode. Suitable for direct areas such as legs, arm and stomach.


  • Compact and easy grip design
  • 900,000 flashes / 25+ year lifespan
  • Auto sensor, no more pushing buttons to activate flash
  • Shaver/razor and eye protective glasses included
  • Fast shipping - delivered in approximately 5 business days Australia Wide

*Please ensure you consult your medical practitioner if you have any concerns prior to use. Device may not be suitable for some skin types and pigmentation. (Results may vary for each individual and are not guaranteed). 

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