Super Strong Waterproof Tape

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Super Strong Waterproof Tape is a must-have for your home! Seals any leaky hoses, pipes, and tubings in an instant. Very handy and easy to use

1. Not suitable for uneven surfaces, water pressure is too high, water temperature is too high.
2. Cannot be used in hot water pipes and heating pipes.
3. It is recommended to use the temperature at 5-50°, too high or low temperature will affect the viscosity of the glue.
4. This product is very sticky. Once it is attached, it cannot be re-teared or re-attached. It cannot be used again.


Color: Black/white
Installation Method: Self-Adhesive
Length: 10/20/30/50/100/150cm (Wider application of 50cm, 100cm, 150cm)
Width: 10cm
Thickness: 0.5mm/20mil
Insulation: 800 Volts
Temp Range: -60 C to 260 C
Pressure: up to 5 bar

Package Contents:
1 x Super Strong Waterproof Tape

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